Abuse Policy

We treat seriously all the reports of abuses related to You Prism and we are dedicated to investigate all the violations that are presented to us. If you find content on You Prism that you believe violates our Terms of Service, write to abuse@youprism.com. After submitting a report, we will investigate and take appropriate action. We will contact you only if we require additional details or if we have more information to share. We can close your report without an answer, if we believe that the informed instance does not constitute an infraction.

Types of abuse

We have classified several types of abuse in the following categories:

Spam, malware and phishing: the use of our applications for the transmission of “is prohibited. spam, “” spam, “” strings of messages, “” phishing, “or mass distribution of unsolicited email. An example of a phishing attempt is an email that asks you to reveal your credit card number to be eligible for a prize.

It promotes hatred, violence or illegal / offensive activities: transmitting or publishing any content that (i) is illegal, illegal, hateful, promotes racism or promotes discrimination or hatred on ethnic grounds, and (ii) defamation, abuse, harassment, stealing, threats or otherwise violates the privacy and other legal rights of others, are explicitly considered as activities prohibited by You Prism.

Sexually explicit material: sexually explicit materials are those that contain adult content. We do not authorize our team to publish or transmit sexually explicit material using our systems.

Child exploitation: we have a policy of zero tolerance towards content that exploits children. This means that we will dispense with the services of any employee or independent contractor that we may find sharing or publishing child abuse content. We will also inform the content and its owner to the police authorities.

Personal and confidential information: we do not allow the use of the applications to publish personal and confidential information of people who can not be publicly accessed without their explicit consent. Examples of personal and confidential information are: full name, phone number, address, social security number, credit card number, details of the ID card issued by the government, and banking information.

Copyright Infringement: Infringement Copyright occurs when someone who is not the copyright holder copies the “expression” of a work. If you discover that a client, user, employee or independent contractor has infringed the copyright in relation to your work, we will take the necessary measures as specified here.

Other infractions: if you believe you have an infraction to notify, that does not correspond to none of the categories mentioned above can choose this to report such an infraction. Please note that you will be asked to provide a description of the violation so that we can take appropriate action.