Anti-Spam Policy

You Prism does not tolerate spam and distances itself from actions related to unwanted emails. You Prism does not participate in spamming, and does everything in its power to protect its customers from the harmful effects of spam, including, the information to the responsible authorities.

Sending business information of You Prism Only our registered users who have consented to such effects will be able to cancel the subscription to the newsletters by means of a click that will always be facilitated.

Notwithstanding the above, if you would like to report an incident or problem in this regard, you can Contact the staff of You Prism, using the email 


– Manipulating messages, such as e-mail headers, sent through computer systems or intended to deceive the recipient. retransmission of electronic mail from the servers of a third party without the authorization of that third party.

– Send, reinstall or make it be Send false, misleading or otherwise information that is against the commercial interests of You Prism

– Use or cause You Prism computer systems to be used to facilitate the transmission of unsolicited or unauthorized material. This includes any promotional material, URLs or any other form of unauthorized solicitation that the causer may upload, publish, send, transmit.

– Disrupt the normal flow of dialogue, placing messages in rapid succession, or act in a manner that negatively affect the ability of other users to link in real-time exchanges.


Sending Spam through the applications of You Prism to our customers is a violation of the Website’s Terms and Conditions, violation of those terms may result in to legal actions against the causer and termination, without prior notice, of their services and / or everything related to our company. You Prism is not responsible for any possible loss that may be caused to the deceased as a result of said termination.