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Prismaas – Your partner in tech!

Prismaas is a leading technology provider serving various industries and companies of all sizes. Our wide range of solutions includes software development, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and data analytics. With a customer-centric approach, we offer cutting-edge technology to streamline operations, improve productivity and drive growth for businesses in various industries.


Real State
Marketing Agency
Recruitment Agency
Contact Center

Health to Cloud – Offering health is now more accessible!

A premier technology provider dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry. Our specialized offerings include electronic health record (EHR) systems, telemedicine platforms and data analytics solutions. By harnessing the power of technology, we empower healthcare companies to streamline operations, improve patient care and achieve optimal results in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.


Private practice
Home care
Health Insurer

Axiomes Art – Begin your story with art!

A top-tier technology provider specializing in art, graphics design, and motion graphics industry solutions. Our comprehensive suite of applications includes project management, asset management, and collaborative design tools. We empower creative professionals to efficiently manage projects, streamline workflows, and unleash their artistic potential with cutting-edge technology designed specifically for their industry needs.


Stills Designer
Motion Graphics
Graphic Designer
Plastic Artist

For Them – Reaching others through technology!

A specialized technology brand committed to empowering non-profit organizations. We offer tailored solutions such as cloud-based collaboration platforms, donor management systems, and website development services. With our expertise, we enable non-profits to streamline operations, amplify their impact, and efficiently drive positive change in the communities they serve.


Educational Institution

Imole – Lighting the world with knowledge!

A prominent training provider specializing in technology and business education. Our comprehensive offerings include virtual classrooms, learning management systems, and customized training programs. We empower organizations to enhance employee skills, improve performance, and foster professional growth through innovative and flexible training methods tailored to their specific needs.


On demand
Remote seccions
On premises


Freesteps – Creating the journey with you.

A game-changing application designed specifically for freelancers to streamline business management and accurately calculate project prices. With Freesteps, freelancers can effortlessly calculate the hours price, manage expenses, and estimate project costs. Its intuitive interface and powerful features empower freelancers to focus on their craft while ensuring efficient business operations and fair pricing strategies.