Security, Compliance and Certifications

Our customers, projects and suppliers have the security, quality of service and data protection of You Prism to meet their needs. We take security and quality of service very seriously, for this reason we have developed and acquired a comprehensive set of practices, technologies, certifications and policies to help ensure that your data is safe and that our service quality.

This document describes Some of the certifications and compliance processes that we have implemented to help guarantee our services and that your data is protected. Our service and security practices are grouped into three different areas: System security; Team Processes, Redundancy and Certifications.

System Security

Our company manages completely using Zoho’s tools. Which allow us to work together in order to delight customers, manage finances and work productively. All of our client’s information is stored and secured using the highest security approach. Zoho has been concerned about the privacy of customers and users for almost 20 years, long before it became fashionable, politically correct or legally binding to take that position. If you want to know more about the privacy policies of Zoho’s solutions, you can access If you want to know more about security practices, policies and infrastructure Zoho can access

Team processes

Designing and running technology companies requires not only technology, but a disciplined approach to processes. This includes policies on escalation, administration, knowledge sharing, risk, as well as daily operations. The You Prism team has years of experience in the design and operation of companies and continuously improves our processes over time. You Prism has developed practices to manage security risks and data protection.

  • Segregation of tasks:    Only employees with the highest authorization have access to our customer’s data. Employee access is registered and passwords are strictly regulated. We limit access to customer data to only some of these employees who need such access to provide support and troubleshooting on behalf of our clients.
  • Audits:    Audits are conducted regularly and the entire process is reviewed by management.
  • Access according to need:    access to customer information, only when it is necessary, and only when the client approves it (that is, as part of a support incident), or by the senior security administration to provide support and maintenance.
  • Training:    As part of the commitment to quality, all our employees are required to remain trained and informed of changes to policies, new regulations and the benefits and functionalities of our solutions.

Redundancy and business continuity

One of the fundamental conceptions of cloud computing is to know and suppose that the resources of the team at some point fail. Zoho and You Prism have designed their systems and infrastructure taking that into consideration.

  • Zoho’s Redundancy and Continuity:    To learn more about the redundancy in Zoho applications visit
  • Redundancy of the Internet:    You Prism is connected to the world and to you, through multiple providers of first level internet services. Therefore, if one of them fails or there is a delay, we can continue to provide our services in a reliable manner.
  • Protection and backup of data:    Customer data is periodically backed up on multiple servers, which helps protect data in the event of a failure or disaster.


PCI:    You Prism has performed the required procedures to validate compliance with PCI DSS, best practices designed to protect merchants and consumers from data security and fraud violations.

Zoho Creator Solution Provider:    Our team has been certified by Zoho to develop and provide solutions that adapt to the processes of your business.

Paypal:    Our team of developers was certified by Paypal to help integrate your business with PayPal.